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Markhams maister-peece: containing all knowledge belonging to the smith, farrier, or horse-leech, touching the curing of all diseases in horses. : Drawne with great paine, and most approved experience, from the publick practise of all the forraigne horse-marshals in Christendome; and from the private practise of all the best farriers of this land. Being divided into two bookes. The first containing all cures physicall: the second, all belonging to chirurgery; with an addition of 160. principall chapters, and 370. most excellent medicines, never written of, nor mentioned in any authour whatsoever. Together with the true nature, use, and quality of every simple spoken of through the whole worke. Now the eighth time newly imprinted, corrected, and augmented, with above thirty new chapters, and above forty new medicines that are most certaine and approved; and heretofore never published, which you shall finde noted thus. All which never was before made knowne, but concealed in the authours brest for his owne credit.

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